Is Joe Biden the Progressive Sleeper Candidate Americans have Dreamed of?

Aaron Locke Londraville
3 min readOct 21, 2020
Girl Holding Sign in Protest by Clay Banks, @Claybanks

The Joe Biden we see before us today is hardly the same man we saw in the primary debates. His ideas are refined and laser focused. His prolific policy growth appears to be informed by his many colleagues, against whom he competed for the chance to be our next president. Student Loan Forgiveness isn’t the only idea Biden has borrowed from Senator Elizabeth Warren either. It appears he hopes to show the country that he too has a plan for that. Since becoming the presumptive nominee five months ago, Joe has been publishing policy at break-back pace. His platform has become one of the fullest, most robust presidential platforms of all time, and it only keeps growing. In fact within days of former competitor Kamala Harris joining the Biden camp, his policy started growing even faster.

There is only one problem; nobody has noticed. If you take to the streets and start asking bystanders about Biden’s stances, you may be surprised by the extremely wide range of responses. You get a lot of confused glances, wrong answers, and aggressive replies. So why is Biden’s plan to “build back better” going unnoticed? Likely the pandemic plays a part. It is admittedly also very difficult to garner attention when Trump is pressing send on up to two-hundred tweets a day, any one of which may lead to a resounding division among the American people. Build back better is a bit of a mouthful of a slogan too. Its difficulty to pronounce is somewhat fitting though, as Biden’s plan aims to tackle all of the most difficult challenges the American People face today, of which there is currently an abundance. From Climate Change, to systematic racism, healthcare, immigration, Covid-19, and the economy, Biden has a plan for just about anything you can think of.

Biden’s new plan hardly resembles what you may expect from the best known centrist candidate that stood up on that debate stage only a few months ago. While many Americans may see Biden’s victory over prominent and popular progressive candidates like Senators Warren or Sanders as yet another rejection by the Democratic Party of progressive ideas, the truth is one glance at the Biden Plan could get just about any progressive in the country salivating. It’s understandable, reader, that you may have doubts. Feel free to check out our companion piece, which digs deep into three of Biden’s policies, Joe Biden: The Man with the Plan. Although many progressives may lament the man who will likely get their begrudging vote, few seem to realize many of his policy shifts have moved him well into the realm of being a progressive. So before you hold your nose, be sure to check out what’s actually in the Biden Plan. You may just be surprised.

In fact, at this rate, Biden stands a shot at going down in history as one of America’s most progressive presidents of all time if elected this November. If Joe Biden’s policy plan represents the direction the Democratic Party plans to move, progressives surely have something to be hopeful about. Whether it’s protecting our planet for future generations, addressing the scales which have been ever tipped against equality for centuries, or countless other hot button issues, Biden’s plan may be just the thing America needs. Don’t take our word for it though reader, check out Joe’s platforms for yourselves at his campaign website. In just a few months the man has shifted far from the centrist we had come to know to a progressive with a plan.

That leaves us wondering just what the future may hold. There is a boundless potential for where we may land after four years. After all, if the Trump presidency has taught us anything, it’s that a lot can happen in four years. So how do we go from waking up every morning like we’re Picard responding to a Red Alert? Well, we build back better… Even if it is a mouthful.

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