Republicans Feel Trump’s Violation of Election Laws Doesn’t Merit Second Impeachment: Press Disagrees

Aaron Locke Londraville
5 min readJan 6, 2021
Patrick Semansky, AP

After the Washington Post broke the story, releasing over an hour’s worth of audio recording of President Trump pressuring Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and doing his best to coerce the SOS into overturning the 2020 Presidential Election results in Georgia, there has been a national outcry to impeach President Trump… Again. Not everyone seems to agree though. Senate Republicans are coming forward to justify the president’s actions and offer their own take on why this doesn’t merit impeachment.

NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell managed to catch Senator Ted Cruz off guard in a recent interview about election fraud. Cruz is leading a charge of a 100+ person strong congressional movement to stall, delay, and outright cancel affirming Biden’s electoral victory in the 2020 Presidential Race, levying accusations of fraud/vote tampering. Cruz had this to say about his move to cancel the Electoral Certification:

“Elections are the most sacred component of our Nation’s Democracy. We have a duty to maintain the will of the people. I will not stand for Biden’s blatant election fraud. It is perhaps one of the greatest laws that can be broken in our fine democracy, and we plan to see to it that Biden is prosecuted to the fullest extent.”

One of Cruz’s aides then hurried over to grab him by the arm and usher him into a corner of the room, where the aide could be heard showing Cruz highlights from the recording. At which point, Cruz returned and offered a different viewpoint.

CRUZ: Election fraud is the equivalent of jaywalking, its outdated, outmoded, and the fact the do nothing Democrats won’t stop talking about it shows just how out of touch they are with the American people.

O’DONNELL: Do you believe Donald Trump committed election fraud?

CRUZ: Absolutely not.

O’DONNELL: If there was overwhelming and irrefutable proof he had, would you vote to impeach him?

CRUZ: Define overwhelming.

O’DONNELL: A tremendous amount.

CRUZ: Enh.

O’DONNELL: Is that a yes or a no, Senator Cruz?

CRUZ: Come on man, he’s only got two weeks left. Can’t we just give the guy a walk and call it good?

In a recent press briefing, Senator Susan Collins said, “I believe he’s learned his lesson.” When reporters pressured Collins, asking what evidence she might offer that he’s learned anything at all, she went on to say, “Well I hope that he’s learned his lesson. It’s the optimist in me.”

It was at this point that CNN’s Jake Tapper went in for a slam dunk on the Republicans by asking:

“With all respect, Senator Collins, we’ve seen Trump impeached and acquitted once before. At the time, you promised we would see congressional oversight. You had said we just didn’t have enough evidence, that we didn’t have that highest standard of evidence required to impeach. Well we now have a similarly deplorable, if not worse, accusation against the president today, which is accompanied by a full hour long audio recording. Where is that oversight you promised?”

This began a heated exchange between the two.

COLLINS: Well, it’s simple Jake, he’s learned his lesson… I hope! I hope the president would have learned his lesson.”

TAPPER: “Right but clearly he has not.”

COLLINS: “Well then I suppose I hope he will learn it next time.”

TAPPER: “Don’t you think he would learn it faster if we held him accountable?”

COLLINS: “I just don’t think this is an impeachable offense.”

TAPPER: “But Senator, it very clearly is.”

COLLINS: “Well then I hope he learned his lesson.”


Senator Collins maintained her seat in the Senate this fall, by emphasizing her long track record of centrism, public service, and pretending she’ll do the right thing right up until the last possible second before caving and doing whatever benefits her own selfish interests most directly. Her official campaign slogan was:

“Hope and Change… Maybe. Wait a second, scratch the maybe. The whole thing is all a lie anyway. Wait, you didn’t write that last part down did you? Oh who cares, nobody ever really listens to the slogans, just as long as it sounds jaunty. Can you make it rhyme?”

Should the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, be impeached just days before the end of his term? It’s a question being asked by Americans all over the country. Many Republicans have offered their own ideas for how to deal with this grave matter. Senator Cornyn, for example, suggested that Trump be given a ten minute time out. And Senator Loeffler suggested that his assets be temporarily seized, then redistributed amongst the people, starting with herself. It’s a plan that she has adamantly insisted is not communist in nature. Then there’s Senator Graham, who insists that the tape leaking is “punishment enough.” Many Americans have begun to question if Republicans are just saying whatever fits their motives in the moment. Republicans have retorted “So take us to Court.”

Whether you’re on Team Trump or Team Well He Definitely Can’t Say That; They’ve Gotta Impeach Him for That; It’s Straight Up Treason, one thing’s for darn sure: This is why presidents shouldn’t spend their time in office picking fights with the media. For the last four years Trump has called them fake, clowns, “the dumbest people in politics,” not only questioned their integrity but screamed at the top of his lungs that they have none, verbally berated members of the press corps, walked out of briefing rooms, and on one occasion even accused one member of the Press of having, “blood coming out of her wherever.” Now, in the eleventh hour, Republican’s are no doubt hoping reporters will abandon the story or simply give up. Trump’s very fate may just lie in their hands, and something tells me he’s in for a rude awakening. So if there’s any lesson to be learned, it’s don’t mess with the Free Press, unless you want to get dunked on by O’Donnell and Tapper all dang day, baby!

Disclaimer: It shouldn’t need to be said, but everything in this article is an absolute farce and/or satire.



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